THE BEAUTIFUL MINDS is a newly founded theatre collective in Bonn. In our projects we focus on participatory and biographical theatre work with the so-called “experts of everyday life”. Our work is very process-oriented: we want to help the participants in our projects to become “experts of their particularities”.

We believe that people must be celebrated.

We live in a culture in which we are encouraged to reach our full potential, to pursue our true life-dreams, to set high goals and do everything we can to achieve them. 

Many people are under pressure to do just that. For many people, “getting through the day in a reasonably structured way” is the only wish they have. They have their hands full trying to master everyday life. Formulating an application for a training position. Delivering their own child to school on time. Cooking lunch. These are all not “high” goals, as society drives us to pursue. And yet they are achievements that can and should be celebrated.

In our projects, we want to strengthen the ability of people to celebrate their achievements in everyday life, no matter how small.

Strong emotions will make you beautiful. Moments of great emotional intensity often remain in our memories for a long time and set in motion a transformation. In the theatre this can happen equally to the actors on stage and to the audience. But only if the emotions are real. But when is something real and authentic? When “only” well acted? What are the aesthetic standards?


We are happy to announce that we will receive funding from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). For the community-oriented integration project MOSAIC we receive federal funds for three years and are thus establishing a citizens’ stage for young and old people with and without migration experiences in Bonn. More information on this will soon be available on our website.


Have you ever wanted to be in a production on stage or would you like to tell your story in one of our next theatre projects? If you want to participate, just send us an email with the subject “join in”.